Discreet [Dx] is a WvW focused guild. Core active hours are Asian night time (8pm-12am GMT+8).
We are also gathering active and skilled WvW players of all guilds and timezones who play during our core time.


A skilled 15-20 man WvW combat team that focuses on open field combat and group synergy.


Although Dx also accepts members from other guilds, recruitment should not be taken lightly.
Members are expected to meet the following requirements;

0. Active playtime and participation.
   * WvW guild run starts at 8pm GMT+8 (4am server time) everyday except for Wednesday and Friday.
      Members should be ready for it if they are online during the time.
      We are WvW focused guild, so frequent participation to guild runs is essential.

1. Ability to communicate using community Teamspeak server whenever in WvW. 
   * Using mic is not a requirement but highly encouraged for better combat coordination.
2. Basic knowledge of WvW and their professions. 
3. Disciplined personality. Ability to follow commands and focus on objective at all times.
4. Team mind. Ability to cooperate and adjust to team based play, including changing professions/builds according to team needs.
   * Members are required to play designated professions, builds and roles during guild runs.
5. Willingness to learn and make efforts to improve. Ability to accept criticism and stay positive. 


Guild representation is optional but highly expected during guild training and WvW sessions.
Please note that extended period of inactivity/non-participation without proper explanation will result in being kicked, in order to maintain active small numbers.